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Jun 08 2017
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Umesh Pherwani is stand-up comedian, actor and mind expert. He is also a trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming, which deals with reprogramming thoughts to change beliefs. Mr Pherwani has authored two books on the subject of the mind. His first book was, “Are you out of your mind” and second book is named as “The Mind Switch”.  Umesh has imparted training to over fifty thousand people in five countries and he aspires to reach out to ten million in the next ten years. His latest book, The Mind Switch is all about filters influencing empirical observations closely related with emotions. Umesh has switched multiple careers from being a Flight Attendant to a tour manager, actor to a model, stand-up comedian to an emcee, from an author to a Life coach. Umesh speaks about Mind Switching and role of a Life coach in helping an individual unlearn limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones with our Group Editor Vaidehi Taman.

What did you do to switch ON to your brilliance?

I believe that life is like a roller coaster, sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down. After pursuing Mind studies in America, meeting and training with the best life coaches in the world, I dug deeper into trying to understand Quantum science, the human quantum field and the infinite possibilities. In short, I understood that I am completely responsible for who I am and where I am in life. This played a crucial role in switching on my brilliance. Once I took complete responsibility of my life, there was no blaming and no complaining, just plain simple actions focussed towards what I want.

When did you actually feel that you needed to switch your mind?

Like I mentioned life is like a rollercoaster, I have been through my share of pain and pleasures. Some of my most painful experiences like losing my dad and going through a divorce compelled me to find answers and this was very cathartic for me. I realized that there had to be some method to this madness and focussing on the questions helped me find the answers I needed. What I realized was that a lot of my present day reality was actually the by product of deep rooted subconscious beliefs which needs to be changed, altered and re imprinted at the subconscious level, which required a Mind Switch.

What is Mind Switching all about?

Mind Switching simply put is “we are what we believe” and like Henry ford once said “If you believe you can or cannot, you are right” . Mind Switching is tapping into your sub conscious mind through a technique called the Alpha mind Technique. I am a trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming, which deals with reprogramming thoughts to change beliefs. Our thoughts, words and intentions have a direct impact on the reality we experience.

There are several mind seminars and people claiming about making difference to each one’s life. How is your seminar different from them?

You are right, several mind seminars, workshops keep sprouting all over the place making claims to change lives. But no seminar or workshop can change any person’s life unless the person truly desires or takes action to do so. There is a big difference between motivational talk and NLP. NLP tackles the core beliefs of a person by making changes at a subconscious level through a technique called anchoring. Deep rooted, pent up emotions block our energies which do not allow the right thinking to happen. One has to realize the difference between Positive thinking, Negative thinking and Right Thinking. Nicola Tesla the inventor of Modern altering current electricity system said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”. My two day seminar is a very intensive hands on workshop that highlights these thoughts and allows participants to experience it in a functional way.

Don’t you think Personality development, Motivational speeches seminars have become low-investment lucrative business opportunities looking at the frustration of people?

On the contrary, I feel, we need more of these around the country. Though it does seem like cashing in on the frustration of people. Participants who have been a part of these seminars have experienced huge results. Depression has become a word we use so carelessly. Suicide cases are on the rise, people are living monotonous routine lives with no motivation or clear goals. Most have settled in their mediocrity, accepted defeat and surrendered to their failures. My seminar helps participants to realize their infinite potential by allowing them to raise their frequencies and energies. The business of being a life coach is anything but a low investment business. It takes years of learning, and getting qualified as a life coach. I have travelled to over 35 countries and cities and interacted with, scientists, philosophers, trainers, authors, mind experts, psychologists, speakers, intellectuals, mentalists, magicians , doctors and mind experts. I have authored two books on the subject of the mind. My first book was, “Are you out of your mind” and my second book is “The Mind Switch” I have trained over fifty thousand people in over 5 countries and my goal is to reach out to ten million in the next ten years.

You have switched multiple careers from flight attendant to glam-world and to spiritual preacher? What is your take about it?

People ask me this question all the time. Our conscious minds have created a belief that we should be in just one profession. But I have consciously chosen to have multiple careers. From being a Flight Attendant to a tour manager, actor to a model, stand up comedian to an emcee, from an author to a Life coach. I choose something give it my complete focussed attention, excel at it and then start something new. I have been acknowledged, appreciated and received numerous awards in each of my respective careers. I believe we all have infinite possibilities to be who we truly desire to be.

What is Mind seminar all about and what is the roll of Life coach?

A Mind seminar is all about educating an individual with the knowledge of the power of the subconscious mind. A Life coach’s role is first and foremost to gain the trust of the participant, making him or her comfortable, to allow him or her to open up their minds to the new information. The Life coach plays a crucial role in helping an individual unlearn limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones.

When you are saying that you are trying to be different….aren’t these different too extreme?

If you think and analyze with your conscious mind, then yes these different careers are too extreme and diverse. But if you look at it through a different mindset, one which allows infinite possibilities then they are not that different, as they can all be classified into skills that can be developed by anyone who invests time, effort and attention to detail in each one of these professions .

Tell us about Mike Hancock and Landi Jac the next seminar you are coming up with.

Mike Hancock and Landi Jac are true rockstars in the field of coaching and trainings. They have travelled around the globe over four times. Mike Handcock bridges quantum physics and business to help entrepreneurs and corporations get where they need to get FAST. Landi Jac deals with the subject of neuro science, the four brains , human dynamics- imprinting and its undercurrents and the importance of positioning in life and business.

What is your message to our readers?

I would like people to introspect and think are they happy, truly happy with how their lives are and that if they are not happy what are they doing about it. If we focus on what we don’t want we invite more of the similar things in our reality. Our limiting beliefs do not allow us to experience the life we deserve, In NLP we call it “Neurons that wire together, fire together”. A conscious change of thought patterns can trigger an instant change in our experience and perception of the environment around us. Energy flows where focus goes. Focussing on happy thoughts or words even for just seventeen seconds a day can drastically improve the quality on one’s life.

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