Understanding the Human Mind

Jun 08 2017
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Hi, we all want to achieve success, happiness, love and peace in our lives. All this can come true. My name is Umesh Pherwani and I am a mind expert, Neuro linguistic programming trainer and life coach. I have spent the last 20 years of my life studying and researching the human mind. Through this column, I shall help you analyze the possibilities of your infinite subconscious mind whereby allowing you to activate the law of attraction.

Let us begin at the beginning. Where are you in your life now? What is missing from your life? Where did you come from? Why you here and the most important question of them all are is who are you?

Now some of you may be able to answer these questions with ease, while some others might struggle with the uneasiness these questions evoke.

Let us start with the most difficult one who am I? Rather than define myself with what I do which does not do justice to the question, as it only defines my profession. If I say I am a son, a father, a brother, a husband, still the answer does no justice to the question. I find my peace in saying that I am a piece of the divine universe that created me, in the disguise of an actor, author, speaker and life coach. Let’s move to the next intriguing question. Where did I come from?

This question truly perplexes us. So at the beginning life began as we all know at a biological level. One cell of a human being collided with another cell of another human being and in some mysterious way, life began. So life began for all of us when we were a result of that unison of two human cells and this resulting cell had everything that you needed for taking this physical journey. It is something too difficult to even contemplate. Imagine a cell, a microscopic cell, a million of these could fit in less space required by even the head of a needle. This cell had absolutely everything needed to make you. The colour of your hair, skin, eyes, the shape of your nose, your height, your structure everything, all that intelligence was contained in that one microscopic cell. I understand it’s too hard to comprehend so it’s better that we just accept it.

Let’s say we took this cell and decided to search the cell as to what it is constituted of. So you put it under a grand microscope, look through it and what you see is a lot of molecules and in the inside of those molecules are particles all moving at very high speeds and most part of the cell has empty spaces. We take one of these particles out and we call it atom. We are still looking and searching deeper, so we place it under a more powerful microscope and look at it. You discover that there is just more empty space and more particles. No matter how many times you do it with more powerful microscopes. You see the same empty space and particles. What you finally reach is where Quantum physics begins. Quantum science is the study of behaviour of matter at the tiniest of all levels. Dr Deepak Chopra says that “Quantum Physics is not only stranger than you think it is, it is stranger than what you can ever think.” I met with one of my cousins who is a scientist and had a discussion with him on Quantum Physics. He told me that, “If you think you understand Quantum Physics, It means that you have not understood it”. It’s strange because, if you take one of these sub atomic particles and observe it, the nature of your observing changes the way these sub atomic particles behave. When you observe it, it behaves in a certain way and when you look away it changes to something else, this has been scientifically proven. Which brings me to the thought that made me write my second book, “The Mind Switch”. Put simply all I am saying is that when you change the way of how you perceive the world around you changes. I am going to leave you with this thought to ponder upon. In my next article, I will highlight how you can use this knowledge to attract what we all want i.e. Success, happiness, love and peace. Please do write in with your questions and feedback and personal anecdotes highlighting your understanding of the human mind.

Umesh Pherwani

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