Detoxify to make the Law of Attraction work

Jun 08 2017
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Hi once again. I am back with your mind capsule for this week. If you pondered on the last article I wrote, I am sure you are wondering how to activate your positive mind or the law of attraction. Well, you don’t really have to be a Law of Attraction researcher to understand when your thoughts are continually focused in the negative direction. When they are negatively inclined, which means, if your thoughts revolve around, guilt, shame, anger, anxiety, revenge, judgements, they act like a magnet –  further attracting negativity into your life. I am sure you have heard about the saying, “Thoughts become things”

But the real challenge is how do you actually change the negative undercurrent of your self-talk and start creating some powerful positive energy in your mind and to everyone who is in your energy zone?

Deep down, everyone has the intention of being happy and nobody gets into negative thinking for the love of it. Nor does anybody want to be in a bad mood when they wake up. But as you probably know, many factors can make you feel low and leave you with a dwindling energy supply. For example, feeling physically or emotionally sick, low self-esteem or being affected by life’s ups and downs, rather than setting your own pace or what I call living your life by design rather than default. So how do you rev up your positive energy to ensure it’s set at the right frequency?

1) Surround yourself by positive like-minded people

One of the best ways to boost your positive energy and keep it vibrating at a happy high is by exchanging positivity with everyone you cross paths with. Positive energy attracts positivity (exactly like negative energy does), so it’s important to surround yourself with people whose presence you feel comfortable with. It is a great thing to motivate your friends when they are witnessing low energy, but make sure that it’s not only you taking this step all the time. Also, if you’re going through a tough time, while it’s encouraging to seek the support of people in similar situations, be wary not to let yourself get pulled down by their perspectives, particularly if they have a tendency to play victim all the time.

If you feel drained by other people’s energy zone, thoughts, words or actions, or you have relationships in your life that are no longer serving you, try to disengage from such people to give you an energy boost .

2) Use Visualisation

Visualization means an active imagination, when you feel that life isn’t going how to expect it to, or you’re not able to call the shots, it’s only natural to feel low on energy and negative. This is where some visualisation can help.

Remember in your younger days the joy you’d get when writing a fictional story or during art class, when you were just left up to your own creative thoughts to think as big as you wanted?

What happened to those days? Sure, imagining that you have a pet dinosaur or that you will become a king may not be so helpful now, but it’s important to start visualising what your dream life looks like, and most of all, get excited by the possibilities. This is the exact opposite of focussing on what you don’t want or what could possible go wrong which depletes you of joy and enthusiasm. Creating a vision for yourself  with your ideal life will give you a new sense of hope and purpose, with an abundant source of energy supply to match.

Start by writing down your goals and start taking micro steps to get there. Let’s say you want to win an Oscar, start by taking part in a play closer to home, move on to television and so on. What little steps can you take each day? If it’s a beautiful country that you would love to visit, start reading about  it, watch videos of that country, download images on your phone or computer. Start with a daily savings plan .You might be amazed to discover that by cutting back on a couple of night outs with friends you can save more than you expect bringing the desired more closer to you .

3) Take good care of yourself

Allow yourself a restful sleep. Figure out how much of sleep you need to function well. Stick to this routine. No matter how exciting your day is, if you are finding yourself feeling sleepy, then your energy will be low too.

And beyond getting enough sleep, what you eat plays a huge factor in how you feel. A healthy body is a result of conscious eating. Each time you put something in your mouth, ask yourself am I actually hungry, stuffing yourself or binge eating can lower your energies. Caffeine, fried foods and sugary foodstuffs might give you a temporary high, but they deplete more energy when the effect dies and leaves you craving for more of this stuff.

These are a few steps to get the law of attraction to work for you. I shall be back next week with some more scientific evidence, highlighting how you can create the life you desire. Your wonderful feedback and thoughts are always welcome.

Stay positive, stay abundant

Umesh Pherwani

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